Report a Problem

For more information on other Town services, visit the A-Z Service List.

In any emergency, dial 911 for assistance. Should you need further information, please call.

Problem Department Contact Info More Information
Cable Television Complaints Commission on CABLE TELEVISION Consumer Services 1-800-342-3330
Report information about crimes Detective Bureau / Crimestoppers 674-3154 or 674-6874
Dangerous or Loose Animals Animal Control 823-2988  
Dead Animal Removal Highway Department (on Town-maintained streets) 674-4850 On roads outside Town limits, call NY Dept. of Transportation, Buffalo office at 716-847-3284.
High Weeds Code Enforcement 558-3242  
Report a fire hazard Fire Inspector 558-3238  
Flooding, erosion or drainage problems Engineering 558-3220  
Garage and Yard Sale Signs Code Enforcement  558-3242  
Graffiti Police 911  
Hazardous spills or dumping into storm drains Fire 911  
Incorrect or out-of-date information on Town website Town Clerk 558-3215  
Junk Vehicles or trash on private property Code Enforcement 558-3242  
Landlord/Tenant Disputes Town Justice 558-3246  
Minimum Housing Standards Code Enforcement 558-3242  
Excessive Noise Police 911  
Noise Permits Police 674-2280  
Obstructions in Public Right-of-Way Highway Department 674-4850  
Park conditions Buildings and Grounds 674-4850  
Parking violations on Residential Property Police 674-2280  
Missed Recycling Pickup Sanitation 674-4850  
Sanitary Sewer Problem Engineering 558-3220 After hours, call 674-2280 or 675-1333
Street Lights Electrical Department 558-3227
Streets/Sidewalks Highway Department 674-4850  
Traffic Signals and signs Highway Department 674-4850 Call 911 for major problems After hours, call
Traffic safety concerns Highway Department 674-4850  
Missed trash pickup Sanitation 674-4850  
Tree concerns Highway Department 558-3242  
Weeds and overgrown vegetation Code Enforcement 558-3242