April Agenda

West Seneca Planning Board
April 10, 2014
       Meeting #2014-04                                                
I.                    Call to Order
II.                  Approval of Proofs of Publication
III.                Approval of Minutes #2014-03
IV.               New Business Communications
SP2014-003 Home Depot Vehicle Rental
A request for a “special use” to have vehicle rental in the parking lot of the Home Depot located at 1881 Ridge Rd., to have the capability of renting trucks on site so people can haul items to and from their homes.
SP2014-004 Re-Zone Clinton St. for Patio Homes
A request for a rezone from R-65A to R-50(s) to allow for a private multi lot patio home development located at 3859, 3863, & 3869 Clinton St, across from Northwood on the south side.
SP2014-005 Automotive Special Use- 2421 Clinton St
A request for an automotive use (oil change) at the former vacant oil change station.
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