February Planning Board Meeting Minutes

Chairman Robert Niederpruem called the meeting to order at 7:00 P.M. followed by the Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag led by Sergeant-at-Arms Joseph Sherman.
Roll Call:                       Present -           Robert Niederpruem Jr., Chairman
                                                            Donald Mendola
                                                            Joseph Ciancio
                                                            Anthony Nigro
                                                            Jim Rathman
                                                            Joseph Sherman
                                                            Gerald Greenan
                                                            Jeffrey Schieber, Code Enforcement Officer
                                                            Town Attorney
Absent -          None
Chairman Niederpruem read the Fire Prevention Code instructing the public where to exit in case of a fire or other emergency.
A request from Silvertip Venture, LLC for site plan approval for property located at 259-281 Orchard Park Road to construct a 1393 sf Tim Hortons Restaurant with dual stack drive-thru
Chairman Niederpruem states the board members had numerous questions and concerns manily to do with the flow and movement of traffic.
Patricia Bittar from William Schutt and Associates presented the site plan with modifications made previously presented to the board. Potter Road driveway has been shifted 5 ft. as far west as possible, maintaining 24ft entrance driveway. Delivery trucks can still access all driveways.   The sidewalk for pedestrians has been added from Orchard Park Road onto the site and up and opperating, The fence line extened north to increase the buffer. The driveway on Orchard Park Road is strictly right in, right out. Additontional buffering has been added. She also states they contacted the DOT and they are in favor or suported of Orchard Park Road right in right out and full access on Potter Road.
Mendola questions the site lighting and that it does reflect into the surrounding properties on Loxley.
Patricia Bittar states that the lighting is all facing downward and stops at the proerty line on site.
Ciancio questioned when heading North on Orchard Park Road how will patrons be rescricted from turning left into the site.
Dave from SRF Associates comments the entrance on Orchard Park Road will be rescricted by a concrete median, providing the right in right out only access, therefore phsically restricting patrons from entering left, also signage will be visible.
Peter Spellisberry fire commisioner of West Seneca Fire House Distict 5 states that their main concern is for the firemen getting through the intersection. He explained that the other night they had an accident, and trying to get through the intersection during rush hour traffic is difficult. The road narrows down to 2 lanes, if the light is red coming up it they have to go to the other side of the road to get through th intersection. With extra conjestion they are concerned about getting though the intersection.
Chaiman Neiderpruem reponded that the board looked into that also because the left hand turns into the siteand that would back up the traffic into the intersection all the worse.
Motion by Greenan, to amended and motion carried, seconded by Sherman, to adopt the following:
Whereas follow suggestions mandated by the DOT approval including moving access driveways if needed without coming back to the board, meaning the board will approve if the DOT mandates or suggests the plan to move access driveway.
Ayes: All                                Noes: None                            Motion Carried
On the question, Chairman Niederpruem, the barrier is part of the landscape plan. Calling for 18 Arborvitaes and 4 trees intermixed.
Ayes: All                                Noes: None                            Motion Carried
Motion by Greenan, seconded by Mendola, to adjourn the meeting at 7:18pm
Rachael Kruszka
                                                                                    Planning Board Secretary
February 2014 PB MM.pdf