A Message from the Highway Superintendent, Matthew D. English

Matthew D. English
Superintendent of Highways,
Sanitation and Buildings & Grounds

39 South Avenue
West Seneca, New York 14224

Phone: (716) 674-4850
Fax:  (716) 674-0981
Email:  menglish@twsny.org

Gregory Zimmerman
Deputy Superintendent

Office Hours:
Monday - Friday: 7:00am - 3:30pm

Employment Application:

"Our goal is to serve West Seneca residents to the best of our abilities." 


Listed below, are some commonly requested topics of information. 

If you need additional information, or do not see the topic you are looking for, please feel free to contact the Highway Department for assistance.  

Also, please remember to check the West Seneca Pennysaver for seasonal services and policy updates. 

Additional Information

"Call Before You Dig"
     DIAL:  811
NYS Dept. Transportation
     (716) 649-2349
Erie County Water Authority
National Fuel Gas
National Grid
Erie County Highway Department
NYS Thruway Authority




Town Tree Maintenance

Replacement Trees

Street Light Outages

Winter Policies Clarified

Yard Waste Guidelines

Branches and Bushes (without roots)

Branches over 6" in diameter, Hedges, Large tree limbs, Stumps, Bushes (without roots)

Compost Site


Leaf Pickup Map

Enlarged Zone Maps

Sanitation Department Information




The Highway Department is responsible for the maintenance of 110 miles of roadways in West Seneca. The department employs 60 full-time employees and 15 seasonal employees.

The Sanitation Department has 16 full-time employees and ten part-timers who pick up garbage and yard waste on a weekly basis.

A modern, efficiently organized compost facility is managed by two highway employees, handling up to 40 tons of yard waste on a Spring day, generating up to 9000 yards of finished compost a year -- compost that is used by both the Township and West Seneca residents.



The responsibility of maintaining the 17 Parks, including five major park facilities, in West Seneca lies with the Building & Grounds Department. Activities include the maintenance of baseball diamonds, soccer fields, indoor ice rink, walking paths and other recreation sites. 

The chart below illustrates West Seneca Park Names, Addresses and Available Services at each: 


The Town of West Seneca Highway and Sanitation Departments have a total of 158 vehicles and additional heavy equipment in their fleet, valued at $ 5,527,364.89 million. Most of the trucks used by the highway department are between 2000 and 2011 models.

Twenty of the Town's dump trucks are equipped with plows for winter activity and the Town has nine garbage packers. Five Sanitation Department packers, with 3 man crews, are on the road daily, picking up garbage and rubbish from residential areas on a scheduled basis. Two other packers are out gathering yard wastes.

The Highway Department employs five skilled mechanics who are responsible for maintaining a preventative maintenance program for all vehicles.


Town Tree Maintenance:

Town trees (usually located in the Town easement between the sidewalk and the street) are maintained by the Highway Department. 
ONLY a Town tree that is dead, dying, deseased or causing sewer problems may be removed by the Highway Department. 
Residents may contact the Highway Department at 674-4850, Monday - Friday, 7:00 am - 3:30 pm if:

1.)   Tree branches need to be trimmed
2.)   Town tree is dead, dying or deseased 
3.)   Town tree is causing sewer problem:  Residents are asked to provide a receipt
       from a licensed plumber stating Town tree is the cause of sewer problem. 
       Once received by the Highway Department, the tree will be scheduled for removal.
4.)   Tree branches are obstructing power lines:  If the tree branches are resting or pulling
       on power lines, please contact your local power company for assistance.
Should the Highway Department remove your Town tree, the tree will be removed, stumped and  landscaped. 

Replacement Trees:

The Highway Department has temporarily suspended tree replacements do to budget cuts. 

If you would like to plant a tree at your own expense, please remember to "CALL BEFORE YOU DIG" at 811. 

The tree you plant MUST be chosen from the list below: 

          1.)  Little Leaf Linden:
              Tilla Cordata 'Greenspire':  60' to 70' tall, fragrant spring flowers.
         2.)  Red Sunset Maple:
              Acer Rebrum 'Red Sunset'. 
         3.) Japanese Tree Lilac: 
              Syringa Reticulate 'Ivory Silk':  20' tall, 15' to 20' wide, bunches of flowers.
4.) Crimson King Maple:
      Acer Platanoides 'Crimson King':  Red/purple foliage, rounded crown, fast 
      growing, 40' tp 60' tall.
5.)  Skyline Honeylocust:
      Gleditsia triacanthos inermis 'Skyline':  Skinny leaves, thornless, foot long
      seed pods, fast growing, 60' tall and 40' wide.
6.) Shademaster Locust:
     Gleditsia t.i. 'Shademaster'.

Street Light Outages:

All Town Street Lights - Overhead Cobra's & Decorative Lights with Underground Wires 
are maintained by the Town Electricians
If you would like to report a light outage, you may contact the Electrical Department
at 558-3227 Monday-Friday 7:00 am-3:30 pm, or email at wselectrical@twsny.org
Please have the following information:  Light location address, Pole number,
Whether the light is blinking on and off or out, Reference name and Phone number.


Contractors hired by West Seneca residents are responsible for the removal of ALL yard waste debris collected from property.  ie: Tree or Bush trimmings/removal including branches, trunks, stumps, root balls, etc.


Compost Site: 

Location:  500 Mineral Springs
Hours:      Monday - Friday 7:30 AM - 2:30 PM

Residents may bring their YARD WASTE ONLY (grass clippings, weeds, leaves, branches, bushes, etc.) to the Town compost site for proper disposal during regular business hours. Mulch and Compost are also available for pickup free of charge for TOWN RESIDENTS ONLY (with proof of residency).  Collection is a "self-serve" service.  

1.)  Residents must bring their own container and shovel (up to ONE pickup truck
or small trailer load per day) to collect mulch and compost.NO PICKUP TRUCKS


Branches and Bushes (without roots):

     1.)  Branches 3' or lessMay be placed at the curside, in open reuseable containers or 
           tied in bundles to be picked up on your regular garbage day.  
     2.)  Bushes (without roots) and Branches longer than 3':  May be placed at curbside  
             (all stems facing the same direction, not blocking the sidewalk or the street which would be a hazard)
             are for the "Chipper" which picks up one neighborhood at a time starting at one
             end of Town and working their way across repeating the process throughout the
           year.  Please be patient, this method may take up to 3 weeks.
     3.)  For quicker service:  Residents may bring their yard waste to the Compost Site,
             500 Mineral Springs, Monday - Friday  7:30 am - 2:30 pm.


Branches over 6" in diameter, Hedges,

Large tree limbs, Stumps, Bushes (with roots):

Residents are asked to first knock dirt loose as to not damage the Highway packing
equipment,  placed at the curbside, and call the Highway Department for pick-up at
674-4850  Ext. 10, Monday - Friday  7:00 am - 3:30 pm. 




Regular Garbage Day Pickup Procedure:
Residents may arrange to have leaves at the curbside the night before or before 7:00 am regular garbage day in: 
     1).  Paper lawn and leaf bags:   Available for purchase at Tops, Wegmans, Home Depot, 
            Lowes, most hardware stores, and at the Highway Department 5 bags for $3.00. 
            DO NOT USE plastic bags for yard waste. They will not be picked up! 
     2.)  Open reusable containersExamples: garbage can without lid, bushel basket, plastic container.  
          Containers should not weigh over 50 pounds, and we ask that you do not place
          rocks, metal or household garbage in with your yard waste.
    3.)  For quicker service Residents may bring their yard waste to the Compost Site,
            500 Mineral Springs, Monday - Friday  7:30 am - 2:30 pm.
Leaf Vacuum Truck Pickup Procedure:
Residents my arrange to have their leaves put to the road edge, to be collected by the leaf
vacuum truck. (Please do not push them into the street as it may cause a road hazard.)
Also, keep leaves and branches separated; branches are not able to be vacuumed and
residents are encouraged to follow the guidelines for their proper disposal. This year's leaf
vacuum pickup began November 7, 2016 and will continue until ALL leaves are collected. 
In an effort to provide our residents with more efficient service, we implemented 
the following leaf pickup schedule in 2010 which proved to be very successful.
Below is this year's ANNUAL LEAF PICKUP SCHEDULEWe have separated the Town
into four (4) sections.  We will start collecting leaves in section one (1) until all streets
in that section are covered once.  We will then proceed to section two (2) and so forth,
repeating the process as necessary until all the leaves are picked up.   
Enlarged Zone Maps: (download PDFs below for more detailed view)
   ZONE  #1               ZONE  #2               ZONE  #3                ZONE  #4
Sanitation Department Information:
Visit the Sanitation Department website at www.westseneca.net/index.php?q=sanitation_department for the following information: 
Garbage and Recycling Totes
Holiday Pickup Schedule
Garbage Household Rubbish Pickups
Disposal of Paint
Electronic Recycling
Hazardous Waste
Medical Waste
Yard Waste