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Facility Rental/Use


Soccer Field Rental (Single Use)


Diamond Rental (Single Use)

$ 35.00

Diamond Lights (Single Use)


Ice Rink Rental (1 Hour)


Community Event  $300 per day, per event, per location plus a onetime $50 administration fee

Special Event Fee

To be determined from the calcualtion of over time from the Buildings & Grounds department and The Town of West Seneca Police Department .

*An event type will be determined by the Town based on the size, capacity, and duration of the event

Single Use is defined as a single game, practice, scrimmage or similar type of use

Please note an additional Buildings & Grounds fee may be assed to the fees listed above.

Please note a certificate of insurance is also required for all usage and details will be outlined in the permit upon usage approval.

A sample agreement can be found here. Please not this is just an example, terms are subject to change.

Please send requests a minimum of 30 days before each requested use date(s). For tournaments please send a request a minimum of 60 days prior to each requested use date(s).

If you are interested in use a Town Facility please contact the West Seneca Youth & Recreation Office. When placing your request please include the following:

Requested Usage Time/Dates:

Requested Usage Areas:

Requested Usage Event Description:

Requested Usage Organization Name/Phone Number/Email/ Address:

Requests can be emailed to recdept1@twsny.org or mailed to West Seneca Youth & Recreation 1250 Union Rd. West Seneca, NY 14224